The Moths of Suffolk
230 Monopis crocicapitella, (Clemens, 1859)

National Status : Local

Local Status : Resident (SMP Status 3)

Distribution and abundance : Local, probably overlooked

Flight Period : Possibly double-brooded; June to October

Larval foodplants : Possibly a variety of materials including flour, oats, other seeds and woollen refuse

Records : Rushmere St Andrew (J Langmaid & J Higgott, 18.vii.2006), Landguard (N Odin, 20-22.vii.2006, 22.viii.2006 & 2007), Bawdsey (M Deans, 4 & 17,viii.2008), Ipswich Golf Course (N Sherman, 2.vii.2009), Mendlesham (S Woolnough,, Orfordness (J Askins & M Marsh, 9.x.2006, 5.ix.2009)

Wingspan details : Wingspan 10-16mm


Confusion species
    AdultMonopis obviella
Monopis imella

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Flight chart
100 20 40

Life history chart
imago imago imago imago imago no datano data