The Moths of Suffolk
24 Ectoedemia turbidella, (Zeller, 1848)

National Status : pRDB3

Local Status : Resident (SMP Status 3)

Distribution and abundance : Rare

Flight Period : Single-brooded; late May to June

Larval foodplants : Grey Poplar (Populus canescens), mining the leaves

Records : Mildenhall (J Langmaid, 17.x.2004)

Morley's Final Catalogue : Not listed

Wingspan details : Wingspan 6-7mm


Confusion species
    AdultEctoedemia argyropeza
Ectoedemia hannoverella
    Leaf-mineEctoedemia argyropeza
Ectoedemia hannoverella

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Life history chart
pupa pupa pupa pupa pupaimago ovaimago larva larva larva larva pupa pupa

Further Photographs

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Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire (8.x.2010) © Rob Edmunds
Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire (8.x.2010) © Rob Edmunds