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Clifden Nonpareil in Suffolk

It’s looking like we have a population of Clifden Nonpareil in Suffolk. Last night (10 October) I caught my third of the week at Iken Cliff, near Snape. The others were on the nights of 5th and 8th and all … Continue reading

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Fifteen minutes (or so) of fame?

I have been invited (via Facebook) to go on Ipswich Community Radio where the Wednesday breakfast show presenter Nel VanHel would like to do a feature on moths and mothing. I can see from her profile and some of the … Continue reading

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Newly named species of Anarsia

I’d like to draw members’ attention to this paper Two Anarsia examples trapped in my Ipswich garden, in 2015 and 2016, have been identified (from the photos) by Ole Karsholt as the newly named species A. innoxiella. I expect … Continue reading

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Crocidosema plebejana

Do Suffolk moth recorders consider this moth to be only a migrant to Suffolk or has there been any evidence of breeding? Thanks, Paul

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Tuta replay

Out of the fridge and I got one shot at it before it was off again. It’s got more energy than I have. Paul

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Tuta absoluta in Ipswich

This tiny (5mm long) moth was in my 125W MV Robinson trap this morning and would easily have escaped my attention had I not been checking the trap contents inside an outbuilding as is my usual practice. It has to … Continue reading

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Nemapogon granella

I believe this moth is Nemapogon granella and I found it in my kitchen (Ipswich, IP4) last Monday evening (26th September). If my identification is correct this is not the first time I’ve come across one indoors in Suffolk. The … Continue reading

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Caloptilia to look out for……….

I am still trapping Caloptilia hemidactylella and C. cuculipennella in my Ipswich garden (IP4). On 17th July both species appeared in the same catch for the first time.                        The … Continue reading

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E. osseana

This is the dorsal view that I mentioned Stuart. Paul

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Bactra lacteana in Suffolk

I caught this moth at my regular trapping site on the eastern side of Dunwich Forest, overlooking Dingle Marshes, on 14th August 2015. Obviously a Bactra species at first glance, the sight of two well-defined, dark brown and parallel sub-apical … Continue reading

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