June in Homersfield

It has been a mostly unspectacular June here with just a few highlights. After about 7 years of use, I finally got a new set of pheromone lures. My old ones had only attracted a couple of Currant Clearwings around our blackcurrant bush in the last 3 years. First up with the new lures was a beautiful Red-tipped Clearwing on the 9th. This was followed by 2 Red-belted Clearwings (17th) on our ancient apple tree and a Hornet Moth (25th) at the bottom of the garden by the Waveney. Still no Currant Clearwings so far this year though.

Other June highlights include a first Lunar Yellow Underwing (22nd) and a Netted Pug on the 24th (second garden record). The usual Muslin Footman, Dotted Fan-foot, Sharp-angled Peacock and Green Arches have all put in an appearance. Reed Dagger appears to be colonising the reedy mill-stream in the village with a scatter of records during the month.


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