Banana moth challenge!

Recently on the internet there has been discussion on using bananas to attract moths to feed. The method involves simply cutting sections of skin off the banana and hanging it up in a tree (see photo). There have been reports of Old lady, Red underwing and Copper underwings drawn in to the fruit, so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m also putting the challenge out there to other moth recorders to give it a go, let’s see what we can find!
News on my success/failure will be reported in the near future.
Good luck if you try!


The banana!

The banana!

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2 Responses to Banana moth challenge!

  1. keith says:

    When I used to put out sugar, banana was a key ingredient so it is bound to work. Also it is enough to entice Purple Emperor butterflies to the floor from the canopy so I would expect good results ( although hadn’t thought of trying it so I will ).

  2. Raymond Watson says:

    I suspect it is the aroma that does the attracting. Same as putting wine or beer in sugaring mixtures.

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